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Expand your career opportunities with Python - EduWeb

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Engaging and motivating students are always very challenging task faced even seasoned educators. To make matter even more challenging is the fact that the average concentration span of adult in a learners are very short (around 9 seconds). Therefore it is incumbent upon the educators to find ways to gain the learners attention using creative strategies such as interactive learning activities in the classroom with some shit.

The advantages of using web-based tools are very obvious: download and installation are required. Most of the web-based tools are also easy to use. In this workshop, several tools will be covered that would help educators to create interactive learning activities such as ice breaking session, brainstorming, discussion, reflection, and much more.


Pen & Paper
Pen & Paper

Public Cible

  • Educators (teachers, lecturer, faculty)
  • Corporate trainer

Contenu du cours

Some Fundamental Physics
5 Lessons 4h 55m

  • Magnetism
  • Charge
  • The Structure of Matter

Skill Development

Business Tricks & Analytics

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  • Dernière Mise À Jour janvier 19, 2022
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